Getting Started

Phake 4.0 depends on PHP 7.1 or greater. It has no dependency on PHPUnit and should be usable with any version of PHPUnit compatible with your PHP version.

Composer Install

Phake can be installed via Composer. You will typically want to install Phake as a development requirement. To do so you can add the following to your composer.json file:

    // ..
    "require-dev": {
        "phake/phake": "^4.0"
    // ..

Once this is added to composer.json you can run composer update phake/phake

Install from Source

You can also clone a copy of Phake from the Phake GitHub repository. Every attempt is made to keep the master branch stable and this should be usable for those that immediately need features before they get released or in the event that you enjoy the bleeding edge. Always remember, until something goes into a rc state, there is always a chance that the functionality may change. However as an early adopter that uses GitHub, you can have a chance to mold the software as it is built.


If you think you have found a bug or an issue with Phake, please feel free to open up an issue on the Phake Issue Tracker